Nimrod and Christmas? No connection


Is is true that Nimrod was born on December 25?


No evidence supports the allegation. The only ancient source mentioning Nimrod name is Torah from circa 1250 BC. Archaeological evidence results nothing about him.

Surely, you have heard about – some people said – “Nimrod born in December 25”, haven’t you? It is just fiction.

None know when he was born because of absence of extra-biblical evidence about Nimrod and because Bible, the only ancient resource about Nimrod, never told us when Nimrod was born.

December-25 Christmas has been nothing to do with Nimrod. Relation between Christmas and Nimrod is fiction, made up under “war on Christmas” campaign using any mean, including slander, fallacy, and fake history, to rot December-25 Christmas.

Some friends of mine asked me this question. I answer them:

“That’s slander, no archaeological evidence supporting your allegation.”

In fact, most of allegations against Christmas based on false assumption that Bible says nothing about Jesus’ birth of date. For us, Bible believers, December-25 Christmas originated in the Bible. We discuss this in posting “Christmas observance originated in the Bible” and “Train of Thought about December-25 Christmas  according to Bible“.

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