Christmas Festival versus Birth-of-the-Sun Festival


December 25 was recognized by the pagan culture as the birth of the sun. Also after the church formalized and began celebrating “mass”, the Dececember 25 was adopted by the Catholic Church to attempt to recruit the pagans into the church by utilizing their holidays and incorporate their dates and rituals into the Christian holidays to ease their transition from paganism to Christianity.

The truth

The disinformation stands against evidence.

Which evidence?

  1. Birth of the sun in 1-5 AD centuries did not fall on December 25. (see “Winter Solstice 1-500 AD fell on December 19-23, instead of December 25“)
  2. Refutation and resistance against birth of the sun festival in 5-AD-century Christmas sermon. (see “Leo 1 (360-461) fought against birth-of-the-sun festival“)
  3. Biblical argument that Christmas  observance originated in Bible, including evidence on Christmas in 1-3 century, long before Constantine embraced Jesus.


  1. Allegation that Christmas originated in pagan festival stands against evidence. The allegation is slander.
  2. Evidence indicated that Christmas (December 25) and Birth-of-the-Sun festival (December 19-23 in 1-5 AD centuries) was hel in different date.


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