Is Santa Claus a lie? No


Is Santa Claus a lie?


No. Santa Claus is a fictional literary work of art, a poem, by Clement Clark Moore in 1822. The poem was published in a poem book “A Visit From St. Nicholas”.

A Visit From St. Nicholas terbitan tahun 1864.
A Visit From St. Nicholas published in 1864.


Karikatur St. Nikolas digunakan untuk ilustrasi buku puisi "A Visit From St. Nicholas" terbitan L. Prang & Co., Boston 1 Sinterklas inilah yang kemudian menjadi model bagi Sinterklas untuk tahun-tahun selanjutnya.
Caricature of St. Nikolas was to illustrate a poem book “A Visit From St. Nicholas” by L. Prang & Co., Boston.3,4 This fictional St. Nicholas, then, became  a model for St. Claus in the next years.


Santa Clause figure in his work of art was fictionalized from real historical St. Nicholas living in Myra city, 4 AD century.


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