What are facts about Christmas?


What are facts about Christmas?


  1. Bible existence.
  2. Bible provides clues that Jesus was born on December 25, 5 BCE Julian Calendar. Besides, Bible recounts first Christmas celebration by the angels (Luke 2: 13-14) and the shepherds (Luke 2: 20), and instruction of commemorating Christ birth (2 Timothy 2: 8) in approximately 65 AD.
  3. Apostolic constitution (appr. 70 AD) from Clement Romanus I.
  4. Liber Pontificalis mentioned St. Thelesphorus (126-137 AD), which institutionalized Midnight Mass. It implied Midnight Mass had been held before being institutionalized.
  5. Writings from Theophilus (168 AD) and Hippolytus (225 AD) referred to Christmas on December 25.


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