3) How old was Jesus when he left Egypt?


How old was Jesus when he left Egypt?


4 months old.


Jesus in Egypt was only until the death of Herod.

And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my ‘son’(i). (Matthew 2: 15)

Herod died in April 4 BC, when Jesus was 4 months old.


Jesus was 4 months old, when he left Egypt.

Time in Julian Calendar Event Ref
25th of December 5 BC Jesus was born in a cave in outer skirt of Bethlehem. SeeTrain of Thought about Christmas December 25
A day between 26th and 30th of December 5 BCE Joseph, Mary, and Jesus moved to a house in Bethlehem City. Matthew 2: 11
31st of December 4 BC Preparation for Jesus circumcision (religious and social event) in Bethlehem. Considering social setting of Luke 2: 21
1st of January 4 BC Jesus circumcision in Bethlehem Luke 2: 21
2nd of February 4 BC Purification of Mary in Jerusalem Luke 2: 22
February and/ or March 4 BC Fled to and dwelt in Egypt Matthew 2:13-15
April 4 BC Herod death, Mary family left Egypt and went to Palestine when Jesus was 4 months old. Luke 2:39; Matthew 2: 15, 19-23


(i) Figurative word in Matthew 2: 15 simply means a man whom The God loves.


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