Why are you focusing on defending December-25 Christmas?


Why are you focusing on defending December-25 Christmas?


Because global war campaigns on Christmas have taken many global casualties in both Indonesia and other countries.


  1. Christmas Eve simultaneous bombing 2000 in Indonesia by Jama’ah Islamiyyah  (20 martyrs, 83 injuries)
  2. Attack by terrorist targetting at Christmas observants in Tamadue, Indonesia on December 27, 2014 (1 martyr, 2 injuries)
  3. Attack by al-Shabaab targeting at Christmas observants in Nigeria on Christmas day 2014. (4 martyrs, 0 injuries)

Similar wars on Christmas by attacking Christmas observants were also taken place in many parts of the world and taken many casualties.

Violence targetting at Christmas observants was justified by, among other, disinformation against December-25 Christmas, such as:

  1. Christmas originated in pagan celebration (winter solstice, yule tide, the birth of Sun God, the birth of Mithra [, and the like])
  2. Christmas is pagan, infidel, heathenism.
  3. Bible never indicates Christmas on December 25 as the date of Christ birth.
  4. Christmas contains alcoholic binges, free sex, etc
  5. Santa Claus is Satan,
  6. Christmas tree is idol, object of worship.

There are many many disinformation against Christmas, most of them are slanders.

Disinformation attacks with the aim of defaming, libeling, and rotting Christmas have been preceding physical attack over decades and centuries prior to physical attacks per se. By the time, the disinformation transforms into hatred fostering and hardening violence against Christmas and its observants. Religious doctrine and clerics supporting this campaign create illusion as if the disinformation is correct. And, then, the disinformation manifests into physical attacks — bombing, murdering, religious cleansing, criminalizing, burning, stoning, torturing, abduction, kidnapping, etc.

Counter measures rarely address such disinformation, instead, they serve as fire fighters coming lately following its manifestation. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, police can’t counter disinformation underlying violence against Christmas.  They guard churches during Christmas eve and Christmas day as preventive measures.

Indonesian police guards Christmas celebration in Solo, Indonesia.
Indonesian police guards Christmas celebration in Solo, Indonesia. Source: http://www.voaindonesia.com/content/jelang-natal-polisi-tingkatkan-penjagaan-gereja/1567761.html

It is not police task to counter disinformation against Christmas, although such disinformation underlying and productively justifying violence against Christmas. We even can’t rely on religious entities to counter such disinformation because of several reasons. Then,…

who should counter disinformation against Christmas?

You and I.

It is our responsibility to provide true information on December-25 Christmas.

I don’t think that contra-disinformation efforts will completely eliminate war campaigns against Christmas, however, it expectedly reduce casualties or, at least, counter disinformation corroborating justification for violence.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9)


  1. War campaign on Christmas takes place annually by disinforming and mentally and physically attacking Christmas, Christmas observants, Christmas-related properties, and Christmas-unrelated entities.
  2. Disinformation, putting decades or centuries before physical attacks, underlies and justifies war on Christmas.
  3. Christ followers can’t rely on police and government to address the disinformation, because they can only address the fruit of disinformation.
  4. It is our responsibility to counter disinformation against Christmas.

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