1) When did Zachariah depart from Jerusalem to his home?


When did Zachariah depart from Jerusalem to his home?


Zachariah and his wife  had longed for God to give them a biological child (Luke 1: 13). News from the angel that God has granted them should have made Zachariah happy.

The news would eliminate disgrace his wife in the middle of Israeli society, which looked down on barren women (Luke 1: 25). As his response, Zachariah went home soon after completion of his task.

And it came to pass, that, as soon as the days of his service were accomplished, he departed to his own house. (Luke 1: 23)

Zachariah did not wait for dawn. He traveled JerusalemHebron night dangerous trip in 6 BC century for the sake of immediate reach home and broke the news to his wife.

Lokasi Bait Allah dari era Nabi Daud (1000 SM) hingga era Isa Al-Masih (1 M). Inilah latar tempat di mana kisah Jibril mendatangi Zakharia berlangsung. Umar bin Khattab merintis masjid di lokasi ini, dan lalu dibangun oleh Abdul Malik. Buntut dari tindakan mereka adalah rebutan lahan yang berlangsung abadi antara Israel dengan pengikut Umar bin Kattab sampai saat ini.
Temple site from King David era (1000 BC) to Jesus Christ era (1 AD). Umar bin Khattab pioneered mosque in this location, and then Abd al Malik built it in 7 AD century.

Zachariah task completed at the end of 15th of Tishri at about 5:33 pm. After preparing for his night travel, e.g. setting up a lamp, he departed Jerusalem to his home in Hebron.


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