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1) When did Mary visit Elizabeth?


When did Mary visit Elizabeth?


March 30, 5 BC Julian Calendar.


Gabriel visited Mary on March 25, 5 BC.

And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda; (Luke 1: 39)

Luke used word “days”, neither “week(s)” nor “month(s)”. This implied that Mary left Nazareth, traveled, and arrived at Hebron, Elisabeth home less than 1 week (< 7 days). Thus, Mary arrived at Elizabeth home on, at most, March 30, 5 BC.

  1. March 25
  2. March 26
  3. March 27
  4. March 28
  5. March 29
  6. March 30

Other consideration includes:

  1. Mary needed to make a preparation for the long journey. So, she departed on the next day (March 26).
  2. Distance from Nazareth to Hebron is 187 km with estimated travel time 39-43 hours on foot. Assuming there is similarity between ancient modern routes, Mary took similar distance.1
  3. She went through dangerous journey (robber, beast, etc), indicating she went in a group and only walked in daylight.
  4. She took rests along journey. She needed eating, praying, taking a bath, etc.

Considering factors above, she possibly walked about 9 hours a day and arrived at Hebron on March 30, 5 BC.


Time in Julian Calendar Event Ref
30th of March 5 BC Mary arrived at Elizabeth house. Luke 1: 39
A day between 1st and 24th of December 5 BC Joseph and Mary, which have been married, arrived at Bethlehem.  SeeWere Joseph and Mary married or engaged when they arrived at Betlehem?
25th of December 5 BC Jesus was born in a cave in outer skirt of Bethlehem. SeeTrain of Thought about Christmas December 25
A day between 26th and 30th of December 5 BCE Joseph, Mary, and Jesus moved to a house in Bethlehem City. Matthew 2: 11
31st of December 4 BC Preparation for Jesus circumcision (religious and social event) in Bethlehem. Considering social setting of Luke 2: 21
1st of January 4 BC Jesus circumcision in Bethlehem Luke 2: 21
6/7th of January 4 BC The wise men arrived at Bethlehem. SeeWhen did the wise men come to Jesus
2nd of February 4 BC Purification of Mary in Jerusalem Luke 2: 22
February 4 BC Matthew 2:13-15
February – April 4 BC Dwelt in Egypt Matthew 2:13-15
April 4 BC Luke 2:39; Matthew 2: 15, 19-23


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