Who banned Christmas 1647 – 1660? Why?


Who banned Christmas 1647 – 1660? Why did they ban it?


Puritanists banned Christmas 1647 – 1660 through English parliament.

They banned Christmas because they mistakenly believed in disinformation against Christmas.

 Disinformation The truth 
Christmas is unbiblical. Christmas is biblical.
 Anything similar to Catholicism is bad. Catholicism has good and bad sides. Just filter it.
Any bad things in Christmas day resulted from Christmas. Remove Christmas = remove bad things. Bad things in Christmas day should be categorized into Anti-Christmas tradition, instead of Christmas tradition.

Remove Anti-Christmas tradition, keep Christmas tradition (such as pray, reading and meditating Gospel, singing Christmas songs of Jesus) and supplementary tradition which is not in the opposition against Bible.

 Christmas originated in Saturnalia. Saturnalia was held in December 16-18, not December 25. Christmas did not originate in Saturnalia.
 Christmas originated in Winter Solstice, birth of the Sun Winter Solstice in 1-5 AD centuries fell on December 19-23, not December 25. Christmas did not originate in Winter Solstice.
 Christmas tree originated in pagan Christmas tree is a kid toy, an amusing object. It originated in Paradise Play depicting Adam and Eve.
 Green is symbol of paganism Green is a symbol taken from Gospel, a biblical color symbolizing welcoming the king Jesus.
Santa Claus is pagan god. Santa Clause originated in St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, Turkey, in 4 AD century.


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