Biblical History of Christmas

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Biblical Christmas in Chronological Order

Time in Julian or [Hebrew] Calendars Event Ref
 Av Course of priests began. Ezra 7: 8-10, Rabbi Jose Ben Halafta from about 150 AD
September 26, 6 BC [15 Tishri 3756] Gabriel visited Zachariah in Sukkot day  Luke 1: 10-11
Eve September 27, 6 BC [16 Tishri 3756]  Zachariah departed to his home in Hebron immediately after his task had completed. His desire of having son drove him to immediately go home and meet his wife. By implication, he did not spend the night in Jerusalem.  Luke 1: 23
September 27, 6 BC morning [16 Tishri 3756]  Considering distance and night traveling time from Jerusalem to Hebron on foot and Zachariah’s advanced age, Zachariah arrived in Hebron 16th days of Tishri morning. He, then, took a rest during the day at his home after serving at the temple for 24 hours plus walking on foot for approximately 11 hours 35 minutes. Jerusalem-Hebron distance and travel time on foot calculation.
Eve 28 September 6 BC [17 Tishri 3756] Copulation with his wife took place in about eve September 28, 6 AD (Tishri 17, 3756). Considering their desire to have son as soon as possible.
September 28, 6 BC [17 Tishri 3756]  Elizabeth (Zechariah’s wife) got pregnant.  Considering fulfillment of the word of God when the requirement had been completed.
March 25, 5 BC [17 Nisan 3756]  Gabriel visited Mary at the six months of Elizabeth’s gestation.17th of Tishri 3756 Hebrew Calendar + 6 months = 17th of Nisan 3756 Hebrew Calendar (March 25th, 5 BC Julian Calendar)Mary got pregnant on 17th of Nisan 3756 Hebrew Calendar or March 25th, 5 BC Julian Calendar.  Luke 1: 26-27, 36
30th of March 5 BC Mary arrived at Elizabeth’s home. Luke 1: 39
30th of June 5 BC Mary left Elizabeth’s home. Luke 1: 56
First week of July 5 BC Mary arrived at her home in Nazareth. Calculation
About second week of July 5 BC Joseph met Mary at her three months gestation Luke 1: 56, assuming Joseph immediately met her lover after about 3 months of no contact.
About third week of July 5 BC An angel visited Joseph. Matthew 1: 19-20
A day between 1st and 24th of December 5 BC Joseph and Mary, which have been married, arrived at Bethlehem.  SeeWere Joseph and Mary married or engaged when they arrived at Betlehem?
25th of December 5 BC επλησθησαν αι ημεραι ‘eplēsthēsan ai hēmerai’ in Luke 2:6 => Mary gave birth to a full-term infant, called Jesus the Christ (Isa Al-Masih).According to the ancient Hebrew culture, full-term labor was 9 months of gestation.Thus, the date of birth of Jesus is March 25th, 5 BC Julian Calendar + 9 months = 25th of December 5th BC Julian calendar.  Luke 2:6
A day between 26th and 30th of December 5 BCE Joseph, Mary, and Jesus moved to a house in Bethlehem City. Matthew 2: 11
31st of December 4 BC Preparation for Jesus circumcision (religious and social event) in Bethlehem. Considering social setting of Luke 2: 21
1st of January 4 BC Jesus circumcision in Bethlehem Luke 2: 21
6/7th of January 4 BC The wise men arrived at Bethlehem. SeeWhen did the wise men come to Jesus
2nd of February 4 BC Purification of Mary in Jerusalem Luke 2: 22
February 4 BC Matthew 2:13-15
February – April 4 BC Dwelt in Egypt Matthew 2:13-15
April 4 BC Luke 2:39; Matthew 2: 15, 19-23

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